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Do you have the expertise required to accelerate innovation within Quebec’s companies and organizations? Join a vast network of research and innovation by becoming a QuébecInnove member!
Our members are organizations that carry out research and innovation activities or act as intermediaries between companies and organizations in the fields of research and innovation.
Our members include universities, research organizations, college centres for the transfer of technology (CCTT), and innovative social practices (CCTT-ISP), sectoral industrial research coalitions (RSRI), social innovation intermediation organizations (OIIS), and university research groups (SVU).

Eligibility criteria

Any organization can become an active member of QuébecInnove as long as they:

  • work in the fields of research and innovation
  • have a mission that is in line with QuébecInnove’s own mission
  • are a CCTT, a university, RSRI, OIIS, SVU, a college OR mainly pursue research and innovation activities
  • are registered with the Registraire des entreprises as a “non-profit legal person” or they are a governmental research centre


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