Accelerating innovation in Quebec

QuébecInnove is a nonprofit organization supporting companies that want to speed up their innovation projects. Thanks to a network that includes 14,000 researchers and experts working within 135 member groups active in the field of research, QuébecInnove helps more than 500 companies every year find the skills and financing they need to grow. As a neutral, umbrella organization, QuébecInnove is able to rely on more than 80 ambassador members and a plethora of partners to mobilize and consult key players within the ecosystem in order to stimulate the culture of innovation throughout Quebec.

Our mission

QuébecInnove actively works for companies in Quebec by helping them access the skills and financing they need to speed up their innovation projects. Thanks to the expertise and creativity of its members and organizations, QuébecInnove’s mission is a clear-cut one.

Our vision

QuébecInnove aims to accelerate innovation in Quebec by promoting the province’s talent and success stories, enabling accessibility and fostering innovation in companies, and acting as a catalyzer for exciting projects.

Our values


Pressed in our willingness to help organizations access innovation and by our desire to enhance the marketing of innovative projects to help Quebec prosper.


Manifested by cooperation, knowledge-sharing, cross-sectoral initiatives, and the synergy between QuébecInnove and its partners.


Relies on our ability to anticipate and promptly react to an organization’s needs.


Is based on our ability to listen and our inclusive and mobilizing approach that is consistent with the missions and needs of our clients and partners.

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